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Grant Writing Tips

Start early. Avoid the stress of writing your application at the last minute, diminishing its overall quality.

Do your homework. Make sure the funding agency is a good fit with your project’s goal. Applying is an energy- and time-consuming process.

Read the full application and instructions to help organize your thoughts, documents, and approach.

Answer all questions in the order they are given and follow all instructions. You never want to force reviewers to search for information unnecessarily.

Always keep your audience and the funder’s criteria in mind. Don’t assume the reviewers are familiar with your organization.

When you begin writing:

  • Be brief, concise, and clear.
  • Be organized and logical
  • Make sure all charts, tables, attachments, etc., are consistent with the proposal narrative.
  • Be sure your budget reflects back to the proposed activities.
  • Make your opening paragraph a strong one; catch the reviewers’ attention at the outset, providing a
  • Clear, brief statement of your project and its purpose.
  • Use plain English, active verbs, and short sentences; avoid jargon and technical terms.
  • Outcomes are important: make sure to measure them and have specifics on what to do with the funding if you get it

When you are close to a final draft, print out your application. Proofread and re-proofread it carefully.

Have a colleague or other trusted person review, proofread, and critique as well.

Remember – yours will be one of many other applications in a very competitive process. Throughout your application, communicate your optimism and confidence clearly and concisely.

Good luck!